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We just love to share our knowledge! Our dedicated electricians likes to share their thoughts, tips, and advice from our own personal electrical experiences and inspirations. Most of our posts are about: safety, electrical maintenance, security and some basic electrical knowledge. Make sure to come back to our page for the latest posts by our Electricians. If you like our posts, don't be shy and please S-H-A-R-E! If you feel like you have a question, you can always fill out our Contact Form We will be glad to answer any electrical question you may have!

Attic fans can save significant energy

What Is An Attic Fan? There are several types of fans that can be mounted in your ceiling or attic. However, most are simply ventilation fans that are designed to circulate existing air throughout a house. These are not attic fans. Attic fans (also called whole-house fans) are designed to evacuate warm air out of your home while drawing in fresh, cool air from the outside. They use as little as 10% to 15% of the power required for a typical central air-conditioning ... Read more

How to plan your next electrical project – step by step guide.

How to plan your next electrical project - step by step guide. From our experience, the remodeling process can be exhausting, frightening and even overwhelming at sometimes. That is why we gather all the things you need to think about before, during and after the project is done. In this guide you can learn how to plan your next electrical project .We covered for you all of the aspects of the project we thought are important for you to know. Let us know ... Read more

Are LED Light Bulbs Dangerous?

Are LED Light Bulbs Dangerous? LED lights are in demand right now, due to their efficiency and power. They emit considerable amounts of light, while operating in low voltages. The lifespan of LED lights have also made them very popular for both indoor and outdoor uses. The typical LED light bulb can last for 60,000 hours. They are also immensely well-known for being environment-friendly. There’s no doubt that LED bulbs are in the forefront of lighting technology, due to their efficiency, potency, and ... Read more

Lutron’s smart Caseta switches 2016

Ladies and gentlemen’s the future is here! On one of our latest projects that we completed in Sherman Oaks,we used all Lutron’s  smart Caseta switches and motion sensor switches.The main reason that our customer wanted to install it all over the house is because his wife often forgets to turn off all of the lighting all over the house. He tried to find a solution for this costly habit of hers, and we were there to help. We offered him the Lutron’s  smart Caseta ... Read more


Welcome back to Electric Universe CA We provide our customers with the best service and experience we can. Customer reviews are what keeps us going. There aren't enough words to describe how thankful we are for every customer that has chosen us again and again. Thank you for your continued loyalty, and we hope that you will enjoy this coupon. Using the coupon is as easy as printing it out, and handing it to us the next time our services are needed.   Sincerely,  The Electric Universe CA ... Read more

How to know if you need to rewire your home?

How to know if you need to rewire your home? Older homes have beautiful architecture, and character. They remind us of an era of workmanship and style that no longer exists. It’s not uncommon for homes to be 50+ years old. But it is both a blessing and a curse. A Fire in the Night When your beautiful Ranch or Cape Cod-style home was built back in the 1950s, demands on electricity were much lower than now, and the wiring was designed for the average usage of the time. ... Read more

Time to Replace Your Electrical Panel

How to know wen is the right time to replace your electrical panel? The electrical panel is the heart of your homes electrical system. It routes the current from the power company through your house to where it is needed, and protects against overloads. The electric control panel houses the circuit breakers, and the main electrical cut-off for the entire house. Complex Simplicity The basic design and function of the electrical control box is simple, but it can be victim to a number of problems, ... Read more

Saving Energy with Attic Fans

Attic fans can save significant energy, but let’s face it…they are not for everybody. If you are living in a fairly new home with state-of-the-art central heat and air, an attic fan may not help you a lot. However, if you live around the dry Studio City area, or any other areas where the temperature at night usually drops below 800F, then attic fans can really save you some money. What Is An Attic Fan? There are several types of fans that can be mounted in the ceiling, ... Read more

Inspect Before You Buy

You’ve been looking forever, and finally, you find that beautiful Cape Cod condo or house you’ve always wanted. But don’t let the great appearance fool you Inspect Before You Buy! One of the biggest safety issues with an older house is the wiring and electrical system. Both the wiring and circuitry were designed for much lighter use than what they will get today. Add to that the ravages of time, and you can see why it is a good idea to have the house inspected before you sign the final ... Read more

Maintaining and Storing Holiday Lighting

Holiday lighting is beautiful, and many look forward to decorating their homes each year. But what happens to those lovely lights for the other 9/10ths of the year? Sadly, in many cases, they are simply wadded up and thrown in a box,  to be stored somewhere in the garage. Then, people are surprised next year when half of them do not work, and/or look dingy. If you are like most people, you spend some money on holiday lighting. You can make it last a lot longer with ... Read more
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