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Panel Upgrade

Here in Electric Universe CA we specialize in all types of electrical panel upgrades in Los Angeles. We have upgraded hundreds of residential and commercial electrical panels, and we know how to properly make the installation process quick and smooth.Panel Upgrade

DO NOT wait for your old panel to stop working properly!
An old electrical panel can be a serious fire and equipment hazard to your home or office. We have seen many electrical breakers melted onto the panel, and damaged the wiring going to the house.  Melting like this, causes shorting of electrical outlets, and potentially leading to a whole electrical rewire. A project like that can be avoided by having our electrician inspect your panel for free, and evaluate the need of an electrical panel upgrade.


Why Panel Upgrade?

There are many safety reasons why you should upgrade your old electrical panel. If your panel is more than 10-15 years old, chances are you might experience these problems, which might not be visible to the eye. Our Burbank Electrician always looks for common problems like the list below before advising his customers about a panel upgrade:

  • Overloaded breakers, not tripping
    • Causing electrical breakers and wires to heat and melt.
    • The older type of breakers were built on a much less sensitive trip protection system, which has caused many breakers to continue working even in the event of an electrical short or an electrical shock in your home or business. This is a serious safety hazard that has caused many injuries, fires and deaths


  • Rusted bus bar (The bus bar is where the breakers are connected toRusted Electrical Panel
    • This may cause bad connection and heating or sparking of a breaker which could potentially lead to fire


  • No proper grounding
    • Older panels were not required to have additional grounding system, which serves the purpose of protection against electrical shock



  • Lower panel load capacity and the risk of damaging your main electrical breaker
    • Most of the older electrical panels do not have enough load capacity to hold all your current electrical devices and usage that have been added through the years.
    • Damaging the main electrical breaker can cause major power outage in your whole house or business, including the risk of fire.
    • By upgrading your electrical panel you will get the proper load capacity and future space for expansion, if additional electrical circuits are needed.

 Electrician Panel Upgrade

  • Old Electrical Panel Location
    • In some residential cases the electrical panel location is in an un-safe area, which in some cases has the main electrical wires from the power company pass through the whole back yard, closer to a walking roof line, or even above the pool. Some of those older main electrical wires are already breaking apart and exposed due to weather changes and obstacles like trees and branches. This could be very hazardous since, there is no disconnect breaker to protect in the case of a short.
    • Before performing any electrical panel upgrade, it is required to have your power company spot a location of the new panel and determine if it needs to be moved.






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