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Security Camera Installation

Electric Universe CA provides services for all types of security camera installation in Los Angeles. Every location needs different types of cameras and different types of installations. Our electrician can provide you with a free estimate on your specific application, and will suggest the best way in order to make the installation secure and effective.

Our electrician can help you set up your cameras to be connected in a closed circuit environment, which can be monitored by you or by any authorized user from anywhere in the world. We can also help you set up to monitor your new security system through your Computer, Tablet, PC or any television in your home or office.

You don’t need to shop around for security cameras. Electric Universe CA can supply you with the best quality of security cameras in Los Angeles according to your budget and application. Our Sherman Oaks Electrician is an expert in finding the best type of security camera for your exact need. Getting the equipment from us can save you money on installation and we can provide you with free service and troubleshooting if anything goes wrong.

Security Camera InstallationRead Here for some information about the different types of security cameras.



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