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Electric Universe CA can help you with your new TV installation!

We have helped many customers in Los Angeles with the installation of their Flat Screen TV’s! We offer complete service including TV mounting, providing TV brackets and audio/video cable installation. We can supply you with all the accessories you need.TV Installation

If you don’t have a TV, we can offer you a deal as well. We offer our customers Flat Screen TV + Installation packages, which can save you money on your whole TV buying and installation experience. Electric Universe CA can help you get a TV + Installation deal on many Plasma or LED Models from LG Electronics.LG Electronics

CALL US NOW for more details on pricing and availability.

TV Installation Process

When our electrician installs a TV in your home or office he makes sure to follow these few steps:

  1. Consulting with you on the desired TV location.
  2. Finding the best viewing height and the right measurements for the TV bracket.
  3. Checking for wall support, by finding secure wooden or metal studs.
  4. Covering up floor to avoid dust or mess.
  5. Securely and safely installing the TV bracket.
  6. Running all the necessary audio/video and network cables from the existing or new home theater/TV receiver location.
  7. Concealing wires inside the wall or running wires inside decorative wire track molding (Depending on location and/or budget)
  8. Installing a recessed power outlet behind the TV (If necessary).
  9. Mounting your LED or Plasma TV.
  10. Connecting all wires to existing or new home theater/TV receivers.
  11. Setting up TV with current menu and picture settings for optimal picture.
  12. Cleaning up and disposing of all TV and bracket cardboards.

Our electrician can also help you dismount your old or existing TV, before installing a new one.

Wall Mounted TV Installation



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