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Welcome to our Gallery!

We hope you’ll enjoy some of the photos from our many electrical projects, and that they’ll inspire you to create your own project.  Feel free to dream! Build your own ideas while crafting your own vision. There are so many possibilities to choose from.

Our photos range from residential to commercial projects, with both indoor and outdoor settings. Below you’ll find ideas for Residential Lighting, including specialty lighting needs such as kitchen and bathroom lighting projects. There’s also a section detailing Outdoor Lighting (including low voltage installations), and finally a section describing Commercial and Business Lighting ideas. Target the areas that are of importance to you, then settle in with a pad and pen. Make notes, create a list. This will help you to stay on track, and make the best use of your electrical consultation time.

To aid in this process, we encourage you to create your own “dream” book of lighting ideas, designs, atmospheres, and environments that inspire you. Photos can be clipped from magazines, newspapers, and design books. Don’t forget your mobile phone’s built in camera! If you’re dining out and find you’d like to recreate the mood of the restaurant, take a picture! These visual tools will help you convey your vision to your electrical team.

Remember: you’ll want to find the right lighting for your project and budget, along with the right team to help you plan and install it. Our knowledgeable electricians can guide you to the showrooms suited to your needs, while helping you to budget accordingly. In the field, our teams work very hard to ensure that everything is installed properly, and to code. Our team is here to help you make smart lighting and electrical decisions every step of the way, so that your project turns out just the way you envisioned it.

Lighting Ideas

Lighting Ideas 

Commercial lighting ideas

Commercial Lighting Ideas 

Kitchen Lighting Ideas

Kitchen Lighting Ideas 

Bathroom lighting ideas

Bathroom Lighting Ideas

Outdoor lighting ideas

Landscape Lighting Ideas

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