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Business Sign Installation

Get Creative With Your Business Sign

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Make It Your Own! Not only is a business sign installation a great investment it is also an important part of starting up a business with a storefront. It is vital to attract new customers and keeping the old.  They can also attract business and create the right mood for any setting. They can be simple and inviting or bold and unforgettable. Unless you are running an underground secret club you want to ensure your business is easily seen. Business signs work in the same way a logo does and in fact, they are often similar! 


Custom Lights 

Make your business your own by adding your own flair with customized lights. You can provide us with customized lights or we can help you choose some that will fit perfectly with your
business. We can also help you choose the best choice of materials such as the light bulbs in your sign. Adding personality to a business is important and we will make sure your storefront shows just that! You can even design lights  based on any logo you have for your business. This will allow clients to easily recognize both your sign and logo. 

Business Sign Repair

Not only do we install signs, but we can help if you ever find yourself in a stressful situation. Lights will eventually stop working, but we will always be there to help!

We understand your Business’  appearance is on the line and that it is vital to you as a business owner. Being a business owner is tough work and we want to ensure that you have no extra stress added on. Electric Universe CA can help you take that stress away, just call us to get your lights in check! 

No project is too big or too small! Call us today to ask about installing your business sign! 


If you have any questions do not hesitate to call. An expert electrician will be happy to help you over the phone for FREE!

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