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What has been working for years, does not necessarily mean it will continue to function properly and safely for a long time. In order to prevent some serious damage, hazardous situations like fire or electrical shock, and potentially spending a lot of money when you are not prepared, you might want to consider a home electrical inspection.

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What is a Home Electrical Inspection?

Our electrician will open some outlets and switches around the house in order to check the devices and wire conditions. He will also make sure to open up your main electrical panel and any sub-panels you may have to check the condition of the breakers, and wires including testing for overloaded circuits. Our electrician also checks any outdoor electrical you may have such as: outlets, pool equipment, A/C electrical and SPA/Jacuzzi Electrical.


While doing the inspection our electrician always tightens any loose connections created over time, which prevents serious damages to your devices like shorts, wire melting, and fire.


If our electrician is already working on your home, you can ask him to perform a Home Electrical Inspection, which will then be free of charge.

If you would like to have a full Home Electrical Inspection of ALL your devices, panels, lighting, and electrical equipment, our electrician can provide you with a free estimate according to the size of your home.

The Home Electrical Inspection does not cost much and can save you a lot of money, and damage, and prevent hazardous situations which may occur down the road.

What are you waiting for? Contact Electric Universe CA today for a free quote!

If you have any questions do not hesitate to call. An expert electrician will be happy to help you over the phone for FREE!

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