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Electric Cables

Electrical Troubleshooting

There's no problem we can't solve  

Electric Universe CA has been solving electrical problems since the beginning. We have become major experts in power loss, electrical shorts and electrical device malfunctioning. Our electrician can solve any electrical problem that you may have in your home or office.

Here is what you can expect from our Expert Electricians:

A standard residential session of electrical troubleshooting includes up to 1 hour of investigation including fixing any loose connections that may be found. Additional costs that may arise will be discussed before proceeding.

Most issues can be solved within the same day and within the same price!


By the end of our electrical troubleshooting our electrician will either:

  • Restore and solve the electrical problem.

  • Point out the cause of the electrical problem.

  • Provide you with a safe and permanent solution if possible.

  • Provide you with a written estimate of any additional work.

Since we are local, our electrician can arrive at your home or office providing electrical troubleshooting, a solution, and in most cases repair the electrical problem all in the same day.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to call. One of our team members would love to assist you!

CALL US NOW: 818-633-3673

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