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Emergency Generator Install

Generator Installation

Thinking about installing a generator in your home or business?

At Electric Universe CA, we recognize the unique power needs of every home and business. Ensuring comfort, safety during outages, and uninterrupted business operations is our priority. Let's delve into the generator types available, equipping you with the knowledge to make an informed choice, while also considering the installation process and its impact on your daily activities.

How do I know what type of generator I need?
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What Kind Of
Emergency Generator Do I Need?

Choosing Your Ideal Generator

Whether your focus is on eco-friendliness, affordability, or power capacity, Electric Universe CA is dedicated to helping you find the generator that aligns with your specific needs. Each type presents distinct advantages, from the portable and versatile fuel generators, the consistent and eco-friendly natural gas generators, to the silent and sustainable operation of battery backup systems. Understanding the installation process and timing helps set realistic expectations, ensuring a smooth transition to reliable backup power.

1. Fuel Generators: Power on Demand

Fuel generators, powered by gasoline or diesel, are valued for their portability and robust power output. They're the go-to option for temporary power needs during emergencies, outdoor gatherings, or on construction sites.


Versatility: Mobile and adaptable for various settings.
Power Output: Sufficient for a broad array of appliances and tools.
Cost-Effectiveness: More affordable upfront than permanent setups. Can be manually connected to a transfer switch to power your entire house or selected areas.

Fuel Storage: Safe fuel storage is necessary.
Maintenance: Requires regular checks to remain reliable.
Noise: Tend to be louder, although quieter models exist.


2. Natural Gas Generators: Reliable & Eco-Friendly

For a smooth transition of power during outages, natural gas generators connect to your home's gas line, offering an eco-friendly power solution without the hassle of fuel storage.


Eco-Friendly: Cleaner burning compared to gasoline or diesel.
Convenience: No need to store fuel.
Reliability: Consistent power from your natural gas line.

Installation: Professional setup and gas line connection required.
Cost: Higher initial investment due to installation needs.
Location & Space: Must have access to a natural gas supply and sufficient space for installation.

3.Battery Backup Systems: Silent & Sustainable

With the rise of eco-conscious energy solutions, battery backup systems, including those powered by solar energy, offer a silent and sustainable alternative to traditional generators.


Silent Operation: Operates without noise.
Eco-Friendly: Chargeable by renewable sources, like solar.
Reliability: Ensures power without needing fuel, ideal for prolonged outages.
Power Capacity: Best for essential devices due to limited capacity.
Investment: Higher upfront cost, but potential long-term savings with renewable energy.
Maintenance: Minimal, focused on battery health and capacity.

Ready for Uninterrupted Power?

Navigate your generator options with Electric Universe CA and ensure your home or business remains powered under any circumstances. Reach out to us today to discover the optimal generator solutions tailored to your requirements, and let us guide you through every step of the installation process for a worry-free experience.

Generator Installation Options

Your Path to Uninterrupted Power with Electric Universe CA

When it comes to ensuring your home or business remains powered during an outage, Electric Universe CA offers tailored generator installation services that cater to your specific needs. Here's a straightforward look at your options:

1. Comprehensive or Selective Backup

  • Entire Electrical Panel Backup: Choose to power your entire home during an outage, ensuring no disruption to your comfort or business operations.

  • Selective Backup: Opt for a system that powers only essential parts of your home or business, focusing on critical areas or appliances.

2. Operation Modes: Automatic vs. Manual

  • Automatic Operation: Ideal for those seeking convenience, an automatic generator starts up by itself when the power goes out, requiring little to no intervention from you.

  • Manual Operation: For those who prefer direct control, a manual generator requires activation through a transfer switch installed by our team.


We offer both manual and automatic transfer switch installations, compatible with portable or standby generators, ensuring a smooth transition of power when you need it most.

Installation Timeline and Considerations

The process of integrating a generator into your electrical system is comprehensive and varies depending on the chosen generator type and its location relative to your main electrical panel. Typically, installation can be expected to take between 1 to 2 days. It's important to be aware that there will be a temporary power outage of approximately 5-8 hours during the installation process. This is a necessary step to properly integrate your new generator, guaranteeing it provides reliable backup power when required.

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