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House Rewire

House Rewire

Electric Universe CA has been performing full electrical house rewires in Los Angeles homes for over a decade.

Our electricians will perform this process quickly and efficiently, by following all of today’s electrical codes and guidelines in order to give you the best quality house rewire.

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Why Rewire?

Just like a plumbing re-pipe, an electrical rewire is an essential project which needs to be performed in older homes.

Here are some more reasons why:
  • Remove and rewire any old aluminum, cloth, or damaged wires which bring a serious risk of fire.

  • Renewal of all connections and wire terminations.

  • Replacement of all existing switches and outlets.

  • Adding new electrical circuits to avoid circuit overloading, future damage to equipment, and reducing the risk of fire (Example: Dividing all kitchen outlets with dedicated circuits).

  • Bringing your home to today’s electrical safety codes, and standards for a safer and more energy-efficient home.

    • GFCI Outlet Installations as required.

    • Installation of interconnected smoke detector and carbon monoxide alarm system throughout your home.

    • Replacement of any old and hazardous light fixtures.

Free $$$ Saving Tip:
**Save big on your home insurance premium by performing a house rewire.**

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The house rewire process normally takes a few days, and will require different parts of the house to be without electricity. Our electricians always make sure the process is as easy and comfortable as possible. Our electricians will leave temporary power for all your necessary electrical equipment and lighting while in the process of rewiring.

Plus our team always makes sure to clean up after any wall or ceiling openings that are required to perform the house rewire. 

Since we are already in your house performing the electrical house rewire, you will get a huge discount on any new lighting, outlets, wiring, or low voltage equipment and cables like Security Cameras Installation, Home Automation, TV Installation, and more. It is the best time to fully upgrade your home and make it modern and safe!

The Installation Process

Typically, the time frame depends on the square feet and existing wiring of the house, the process will take several days. 
However, if your property is in need for an electrical rewire there is no time like now to do it!

This is more then a recommendation this is a safety hazard! It is hard to understand the problem when it is hidden behind the walls and you cannot see it. 

We will rewire and replace the cloth wires ensuring we follow all city safety codes. We will also replace all the existing outlets and GFCI receptacles for your safety! Ask our electrician about smart switches. 


If you have any questions do not hesitate to call. An expert electrician will be happy to help you over the phone for FREE!

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