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Panel Upgrade

Panel Upgrades

Here in Electric Universe CA we specialize in all types of electrical panel upgrades or replacements. We have upgraded hundreds of residential and commercial electrical panels, and we know exactly how to properly make the installation process both smooth and quick.

Is Your Electrical Panel Up to Date?
The electrical panels installed two decades ago weren't designed to handle the load that modern homeowners place on them, from car chargers to the myriad of electric appliances now standard in every household. Our complimentary inspection service is the first step in preventing potential hazards like electrical shorts and fires, ensuring your system is equipped to handle today’s electrical needs.

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Future-Proof Your Home with Solar-Ready Panels

At Electric Universe CA, we're always thinking about your future energy needs. Planning to switch to solar power within the next decade but facing the necessity of a panel upgrade today? We've got you covered with our solar-ready panel installations. This proactive strategy ensures that, even if adding solar panels to your home isn't in your current budget, your electrical system will be set for a smooth transition to solar energy down the line. Opting for a solar-ready panel now means you won't have to undergo another upgrade later, saving you both time and money. Plus, it ensures your home remains a safe environment, free from the risks outdated systems can pose. Get ready for solar without the added stress or cost.

When you should upgrade your panel 

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Overloaded Breakers: Older breakers often fail to trip during an overload, leading to overheated wires and potential fire hazards.

Rusted Bus Bars: A compromised bus bar can cause poor connections, heating, sparking, and ultimately, fire risks.

Inadequate Grounding: Modern safety standards require robust grounding to protect against electrical shocks, a feature often missing in older installations.

Capacity Limitations: Today's lifestyles demand more power. Older panels might not support your current electrical needs, risking breaker damage and widespread power outages.

Insurance companies may not renew your policy if your electrical panel is deemed unsafe or if it's identified as Zinsco or another non-compliant brand. Our upgrade ensures your panel meets all safety regulations, avoiding insurance complications.

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The Upgrade Process:

Completing a panel upgrade typically spans two days and involves obtaining a city permit and approval from the power company to address any associated hazards thoroughly. Post-upgrade, a city inspection will validate the work, enhancing your peace of mind about your property's safety.


Why Choose Electric Universe CA?

Choosing Electric Universe CA for your electrical panel upgrade means partnering with experts committed to ensuring the safety and efficiency of your electrical system. From initial assessment to the final inspection, we're with you every step of the way, ensuring a seamless and worry-free upgrade process.

Ready to enhance the safety and capability of your electrical system?

Contact Electric Universe CA today to get started on your panel upgrade project, and rest assured knowing your property is in expert hands.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to call. An expert electrician will be happy to help you over the phone for FREE!

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