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Security Lighting 

Keep your home safe with motion security lighting

The security of your home is a top priority. Everybody wants to ensure that their home and their loved ones will be safe. A security lighting installation can grant you the peace of mind you need. Not only will a properly placed flood light or other lighting fixture give you great visibility, but it will also make you feel safer! We at Electric Universe always aim to grant you this piece of mind. 

From the traditional motion sensor lights to solar lights to even smart lights there are many options to choose from. Even if you are not sure what lights to choose from we can help you design a system that fits your needs and budget. We have plenty of experience helping others, let us help you! No more needing to sacrifice your still for safety. You can have both functional and pretty lighting fixtures.

Lighting installations are also an easy project to prep for. The most important aspect in determining the cost and time to complete your project is to check if you have any existing wiring. If you do, then the light can be connected quickly. If you do not, do you have a nearby power source that can easily be connected to? When installing new wiring there are a few more things to consider. Are you ok with the conduit or would you like the wiring to be hidden within the wall? If you would like the wiring hidden within the walls there will be some holes made to run the wiring within the walls. Once your lights are installed you can rest assured that your home will feel safer!


If you have any questions do not hesitate to call. An expert electrician will be happy to help you over the phone for FREE!

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