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Smart Thermostat Installation


Smart thermostats introduce convenience as you are able to control them through smartphones and other home automation devices. 

In many cases, you are able to receive a rebate for installing a smart thermostat as they save much more energy than a regular thermostat.
For instance, Southern California Edison offers a rebate as part of its commitment to green energy.

Check out the rebate offer here! Make sure to read about which thermostats are eligible to receive a rebate and other qualifications and then simply apply for your potential $150 rebate!

This has to do with the possibility to control them via internet-connected devices. For instance, it is much less likely to forget the air conditioner is one when you are able to check via your phone. No more leaving the AC on all day when you can turn it on right before you get home! With the growth of home automation devices, you can always rest assured that you have full control of your home.


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Replacing your thermostat will not take long, it is simply an issue of rewiring the thermostat. You will soon be able to enjoy your device. The last step is to simply set up the functions of your new device. This step allows you to customize the device to your needs. 

The most popular thermostats include:

The Nest Thermostats cost anywhere around $160- $250. They have a slick, circular design, which goes against the typical rectangular shape of thermostats. 

The Honeywell Thermostats range from $90-$200. Most are touchscreen and with the connection of an app, you are able to connect from anywhere in the world. 

Take your pick, we are Pros at installing any smart thermostat! 

Installation process:
The installation usually takes around less than 2 hours to replace an existing thermostat with the smart one. It includes programming the smart thermostat to your smartphone and tablet (up to 2 smart devices; any additional programming might be an additional cost)

Call in today to make your life easier with a smart thermostat! 

If you have any questions do not hesitate to call. An expert electrician will be happy to help you over the phone for FREE!

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