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Thank you for scheduling your appointment with Electric Universe CA!

We look forward to meeting you and getting the first step of your electrical project or repair underway!


How to Prepare

Here are a few things to prepare for your appointment:

  • Pets - Please make sure that all pets are put away from the worksite. At times projects can be noisy and we don't want your furry family members getting nervous, running away or reacting to our crew. 

  • Valuables - Please be sure to remove/secure your valuables. We trust our crew and so should you, but we don't want you to worry about any missing/damaged items that may be special to you. 

  • Parking - If your area has limited parking or requires a parking permit, please reserve a parking spot for our work van, nearest to your project as possible, and/or provide us with a parking permit.  Let us know of any parking restriction information prior to the scheduled work day.

  • Large furniture - Please move any large furniture, frames, etc. away from the work area and move towards the middle of the room. This allows for a clear workspace and a lower risk of damage.  

  •  Access to the property - Please be aware that we may need access to the house, side yard, or backyard depending upon the project. If any of these are unavailable or if you have questions, please let us know. 

  • Decision-making - Please make sure that someone over 18 years of age will be at the location at all times. We will need someone to give us access and be available for decision-making questions that our crew may have.

What To Expect

What to Expect

What you can expect from us with every job:

  • Workflow -Most projects begin in the early morning (unless you have been given another specific arrival window). Upon arrival, our crew will walk through the project with you to clarify the scope of work and to see if there are any changes, issues, or questions on your behalf.

  • Power loss - To ensure safety for our team and yourself, we may turn the power off temporarily.

  •  Our crew will cover flooring and furniture in the area to keep your home or business as nice as it was before we got there, hopefully, better!

  • Additional work - Please keep in mind that any changes made to the scope of the project may increase the cost and work hours or workdays (or have to be scheduled for a later date) and will change the final invoice amount. 

  • Please also keep in mind that electrical work can be unpredictable. We never know for sure what's behind that wall or in that crawl space that may change the project! Our crew will keep you updated with any changes or obstacles they may come across or foresee. 

  • During this time we wish to reassure you that our team will take any and all precautions necessary to ensure that you are kept safe while we address your electrical needs.

Your Project

Your Project

  • Project Approval - Please be sure to have read and signed your approved estimate. Your first payment will also be required prior to our team’s arrival. 

  • Payment Plan  - Please have your payments (as agreed in the payment schedule of your estimate) ready for a crew member at the end of the day.

  • Not Included with our work -  Please be aware that we do not include patching and painting services, however, we can provide contact information for a company to do so if needed. 

  • Cancellation Policy - In the event of cancellation within the 24 hours prior to your appointment or service, you will be subject to a cancellation fee, unless specified otherwise in the work agreement.

  • Rest assured - We will provide quality work, friendly service, and a job well done!

City Communication

City Communication

  • City Fees and Permits are not included with our project estimate unless specified otherwise in your work agreement.

  • We have extensive experience with the power company and the Building and Safety department, however, we do not work for them. Any communication with the city may have some delays and therefore we cannot be responsible for their communication.

  • The city may require a change in scope per their guidelines. We are not responsible for any changes to the scope requested by the city. We will change the estimate according to the new scope and specifications of the city. Any changes to the scope may affect the total cost.

  • Building and safety inspection - When we schedule an inspection with building and safety, we will get a confirmation for the scheduled day only. On the morning of the inspection, they will provide us with a two-hour window of arrival. Building and safety can cancel or reschedule the inspection with or without notice.

Camera Installation

Low Voltage Projects

  • For low-voltage projects, we request you to be present for the final walkthrough to best serve you. During the walkthrough, we will go over the entire new system, and make sure you are satisfied with the work. 

  • Please note that any changes, such as reprogramming, re-adjustment, retraining, or retrieving forgotten passwords after we completed the work, will require an additional cost that is not covered by the warranty.

  • For Security Cameras - We will install and angle security cameras in the best way we seem fit. Our project manager will determine the angles per our experience. If you wish to request a certain angle we recommend you be present and approve the angle before we finish. This will ensure that the cameras fit your specific needs.

Contact Us

We are looking forward to working with you!


We have lots of convenient  locations in the Greater Los Angeles Area.


We are open Monday - Friday: 7:30am - 5:30pm.


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